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Like every year, or rather new season, we are entitled to a new version of our favorite sports games. Whether it's simulation or player control, developers choose September, October and November to launch their vintage.  If a license is indeed expected, it's on the side of SEGA and Sports Interactive that it's happening, with its Online Football Manager saga.

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 It's the FIFA equivalent of Electronic Arts for aspiring coaches. And as always, the mobile version of the game that puts us in the shoes of a coach, Online Football Manager 2021 Mobile comes to help us pass the time in a great way.  Test ad: The messiah is back in an even more complete opus for 2021 While the mobile version of FM 2021 is not yet equal to the iPad and desktop version, a choice made by developers to avoid cluttering up our small phones, it is getting closer and closer. For yes, as a reminder, in its mobile version, managers are opting for a fast version, a little less complete than the most popular PC version. 

This way, we do without a few details and the complete database to get to the essential: a fluid and realistic experience, adapted to smartphones and use on the go.  But what about the new features then? We are not witnessing a revolution, but rather an extension of the superiority of the license on the various media.  

First of all, we start by welcoming two new leagues: the Greek league and the Danish Superliga

entirely under official license. The total is more and more impressive on the small screens with now 60 leagues from 21 of the biggest soccer nations, just that ... Come on, it's time for me to put on my suit! My little adventure in FM2021 So it's time for me to launch myself in this new Online Football Manager 2021 Mobile, with a big challenge: coming from the East, I decide to take the reins of the Football Club of Metz, just back from Ligue 2 and with the ambition to keep going.  

This experience with the Garnets allows me to get back in control of the game, but also to discover the new features... There is no need to say, the work has been done, the game is gaining in depth, but still retains some flaws of recent years. Personally, I had some difficulties with some sub-menus, too small for my fingers, bringing difficulties to get out of it... As well as some features, such as the player search, should gain in visibility. Apart from this aspect, the game is good, very good, and the management of 2D matches has nothing to envy to 3D, reminding a bit the nostalgic side of the first opus on PC. The difficulty is still there! Just for my first friendly matches, I get checked by teams supposed to be weaker than me... What was not my unpleasant surprise to see Udol, my promising defender, forcing me to go to Spain after some exchanges with a local club. By the time I got back into the game and started to manage tactics and strategy, 

I found myself in the low ranks, and unfortunately, Diallo is not as effective in the virtual world as he is in the real world.  Advertisement My opinion on Online Football Manager 2021 on iPhone Don't expect a complicated game (in the controls) as the developers want, through this mobile version, to offer a quick and simple experience of Online Football Manager's potential.  Thus, the return as a coach is not so complex, with the menu grouping the essentials to become a respected coach. Loading time is almost non-existent, allowing you to enjoy the game at any time.  

The complexity of the task and the realism of the large number of players involved in championship matches mean that the weeks follow one another and are not the same: a good study of the opponent can allow you to get some nice surprises, and to score points against a top scorer.  Still, I would have liked to see a novelty with the effect of a bomb in this mobile version, as this year's additions are too discreet and futile. However, it must be said that the game is still gaining in credibility, and is getting closer and closer to its big brothers.  Once again, Online Football Manager is the master, despite more and more competitors in the soccer management category...